Shopping bonanza @ Kindle

Since starting my NetGalley account for possible ARCs and thus “rediscovering” Kindle again, I’ve gone on some crazy shopaholic spree… It’s soooo easy to click that button. Click! Click! CLICK! And the deals that keep popping up… Many that are free too. Shit. I’m both embarrassed at my weakness and excited by all the reading material at the same time. Haha. Though, if I’m looking at it from the pro side, it saves me some space on my bookshelves… I mean, that’s a true relief! Oops, my kiddos are calling for a referee. Time to go 😉

PS. If I seem hyper, I’ve been cooped up with sick kiddos the last couple of days and I’ve been trolling Twitter and Kindle on and off for as long. AND I’m happy right now, life’s good. So there! Now, let’s read some, shall we? 😉

What are you currently reading?? 

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