Again but Better by Christine Riccio (arc)

Again But Better was a good read, similar feeling and premise as Anna and the French kiss. In the first half the MC has this nervous energy that took some getting used to, but it gets endearing when you do and there’s a twist a little over halfway through that I did not see coming but that was amusing. Towards the end there’s a wonky bit that didn’t feel consistent with the story that far, the focus shifted abruptly, and I got a bit confused. The whole book revolves mostly around one aspect and suddenly she doesn’t talk or even think about it at all? I wish I could let something go so completely too! But in the end, the author manages to straighten out the story, I really liked the ending and I definitely enjoyed it as a whole! 🙂

Publication date: May 7th

Publisher: Wednesday Books (S:t Martin’s Press)

Rating: 3.5

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